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5 haiku

nell’aria fresca
i covoni di grano —
formiche in fila

in the fresh air
sheaves of wheat —
ants in a row

Angiola Inglese

formiche in fila —
briciole della cena
come tesori

ants in a row —
dinner crumbs
as treasures

Andreina Pila

solita strada —
una formica parte
l’altra ritorna

same road —
an ant leaves
the other returns

Caterina Sale

come le nubi —
formiche nel cortile
vengono, vanno

like clouds —
ants in courtyard
coming, going

Oscar Luparia

al fontanile —
balletto di formiche
fra gelsi sparsi

at fountain —
among scattered mulberries
ballet of ants

Lucia Fontana

Translations in English by Lucia Fontana

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Shunkei, Katydid and Ants, 1880

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